ADOS-2 Online Reliability Workshop
July 2024 (Module 4&4)

1st July 2024

This ADOS-2 reliability workshop is aimed at professionals working with older adolescents and adults and/or professionals wishing to hone their skills in working with older adolescents and adults who are presenting with qualitative differences in social communication. This workshop will offer an opportunity to view the administration and develop consensus coding for the following ADOS-2 assessments:

  • Video 1: This is an assessment with a 30 year old highly articulate young woman, who is an aspiring writer who wishes to represent voices of marginalised groups in society. This young woman has a very strong sense of social justice, and has undergone a long journey to understand her identity. She has a diagnosis of ADHD and has overcome complex systemic factors in her development.
  • Video 2: This is an assessment with a 20 year old young man with excellent intellectual abilities and areas of strong interests and talents, who has been experiencing difficulties with social anxiety, depression and suicidal ideation as well as chronic headaches and digestive problems, which were thought to be stress-related.

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