ADOS-2 Online Reliability Workshop
January 2024 (Modules 2&3)

12th January 2024

This ADOS-2 reliability workshop is aimed at professionals working with young children and/or professionals wishing to hone their skills in working with young children who are presenting with qualitative differences in social communication. This workshop will offer an opportunity to view the administration and develop consensus coding for the following ADOS-2 assessments:

  • Module 2: This is an assessment with a 4 year old boy who finds uncertainty hard to manage. He finds it easier to lead the activities than to be directed by others, and he needed support to interact with the therapist.
  • Module 3: This video is with a lovely, very interesting funny little girl who is 5 years 5 months old. She has speech sound difficulties, some expressive language difficulties and a diagnosis of selective mutism. Although she finds noisy, busy, unfamiliar situations very stressful, she managed the clinic setting very well and completed all of the assessment tasks.

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