Dr R.S., MD (Paediatrics), PhD(developmental medicine), MEd (Autism), PsyDoc, Dip in psychotherapy and counselling , FRCPCH(UK), Neurodevelopmental Paediatrician, Dubai, UAE

Marianna is an exceptional professional. Along with her extensive training and knowledge she has sensitivity towards her clients and insight into their problems. Her kindness, compassion and gentle demeanor can put anyone at ease.

Her ability to impart knowledge, I noted, during the ADOS training. She was able to teach her students the nuances of autism and its presentations with aplomb. She made the course interesting and I personally learnt a great deal from her.

She extended her expertise to the Council for the Determined Ones (Special Needs) from the Dubai Police Academy (UAE) when we wrote the social stories and created a safety tool box for parents and teachers of children with autism.
Marianna is not only a dedicated professional but a wonderful human being and her contributions to the world of psychology is vast. She has enhanced lives of many people with special needs.

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