Dr C.F, PhD., Clinical Psychologist, Geneva, Switzerland

I have got the chance to know Marianna during my post-doc year at Great Ormond Street Hospital almost ten years ago. She immediately impressed me with her charisma, her knowledge and her generosity. I knew from the start she was somebody I wanted to learn from. Since then, we have been enjoying a rewarding international collaboration.

Marianna’s unwavering support and expert advice has been invaluable to help me set up my work in Autism in Geneva. Together we have designed and co-animated international meetings to disseminate evidence-based practices in diverse contexts. She has supported me to become ADOS2 Trainer and to set up ADOS2 trainings in Switzerland.

If I had to name a professional in the Autism field that shaped my knowledge and my practice, this would be Marianna. I simply love working with her, because it’s meaningful and fulfilling.

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