Dr A. K., PhD., ACVA, Bratislava, Slovakia

I have been working with Mariana since 2013. At the time, I was working in ARCA (Academic research centre for autism) in Slovakia and we realised that if we wanted to progress in the research, we needed golden standard diagnostic tool for ASD diagnostics. Similarly, clinicians in Slovakia struggled since they did not have valid tools for ASD diagnostic, since there were no clinicians trained and using this diagnostic tool.

We contacted Marianna and since then positive changes have started in Slovakia. Marianna has brought ADOS-2 to Slovakia and she has trained two ADOS-2 trainers who continue to train professionals in the field of ASD around Slovakia. Since the beginning Marianna emphasised the goal to create independent training programme so we can continue to train Slovak professionals by ourselves with her supervisions. She has been working with us since then, so we can keep international reliability that is essential in ADOS-2 use.

As a supervisor, Marianna is very supportive and understanding, willing to help and explain topics anytime I need it. Especially during our long-distance ongoing international training, she has always been committed to providing best quality and highly organized training and support. Marianna is also a brilliant clinician, knowledgeable and very experienced.

Her lectures/sessions have been always very engaging and well received among our trainees. I particularly admire her never-ending enthusiasm, creativity and energy when managing all her projects.

She has been my personal and professional inspiration and I am looking forward to further common projects in the future.

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