Pre-and post-course requirements?

There are no pre-course requirements on our external ADOS-2 training courses, as we cover all information in detail during the course. However, there is a post-course accreditation exercise which consists of viewing and coding one ADOS-2 assessment. Upon completion of the course and satisfactory completion of the post-course accreditation work (achieving at least a 50% reliability rate) we issue certificates of clinical reliability*. For research level certification trainees are required to video themselves administering the ADOS, typically either Module 1 or 2, plus either Module 3 or 4. There is an additional fee for research level certification. If you would like research level certification please contact to discuss your requirements.
*If trainees do not meet this threshold we ask they attend an ADOS-2 reliability workshop and demonstrate at least 50% reliability before we issue this certification, which is a standard requirement for ADOS2 trainings internationally (please note attending our ADOS-2 reliability workshops will involve a further fee)