Professional Membership

Please view my membership in professional regulatory bodies here:

  • British Psychological Society – registration number: 139937
  • Health Professions Council – registration number: PYL17965
  • Registered Company Marianna Murin Ltd – company number: 9732447


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  • Our practice is based in Brighter Spaces, Islington Address: 2A Prebend Street, Islington, London, N1 8PT
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Cancellations Policy

Please view our cancellations policy here: 

Once you have arranged an appointment, we kindly request you provide at least 48 hours’ (not including Sundays) advance notice in order to cancel or alter the appointment in any way and avoid paying for the originally scheduled session. (This is in order to allow us sufficient time to fill the appointment or reimburse the room booking fee). If you are not at the agreed venue at your appointment time and we have not heard from you, we will wait for 15 minutes. If you are still not present after this period, we will regard the appointment cancelled with insufficient notice. If you turn up late within the initial 15 minutes, the appointment can proceed, but we may not be able to move the appointment and end time will be unchanged. In instances in which it is impossible for you to give 48 hours notice of a cancellation, due to an emergency (e.g. unexpected flooding), you will be charged just 50% of the fee. 

Privacy Policy

Please view our privacy policy here: 

Autism Spectrum Directions and Marianna Murin Ltd are social enterprises offering Clinical Psychology Services. We take the collection and storage of your information very seriously and our storage complies with both the Data Protection Act 1998, and also the European General Data Protection Regulations 2018. 

What information do we collect?

As part of any assessment and/or therapy process we will collect information from you. This will include details such as names, address, contact details, school, ethnicity, and GP. We will also collect information relating to your / your child’s physical and mental health. We will take notes during our sessions to help us plan our work. Some of the information we may collect is classified as sensitive personal data. Our lawful basis for collecting this information are ‘legitimate interest’ and ‘provision of health treatment’. We will only use this information in relation to the delivery of a contract to you as a health care professional. The ICO website contains further information on lawful basis for collecting and storing information. This information will allow us to provide an assessment / therapy service to you, and to help us ensure the quality of our service. We will not use your information for marketing purposes. You have the right to see what personal data of yours we hold, and you can also ask us to correct any factual errors.

What information will I share?

There may be times when we will need to share information with third parties. For example we may discuss with you sharing information with other bodies e.g. school, college, university, GP, employer, lawyer or other professionals where this feels appropriate. This is to ensure you and/or your child receive the best possible care. In accordance with British Psychological Society Guidelines we receive supervision from other psychologists. They are also bound by regulatory body rules of confidentiality. We will discuss details of our work and share sensitive data but will not disclose personal data (e.g. names).

If we feel that you / your child are putting yourself/themselves or others at risk, then I may have to break confidentiality and inform the relevant parties. This maybe statutory bodies e.g. Social Services or maybe parents if the child is under 18 years of age. If possible we will discuss this with you / your child before sharing the information.

How is information stored?

We will keep information securely in accordance with ICO guidelines. Storage may be electronically or hard copy. Hard copies will be stored in a locked filing cabinet/cupboards in our home office. The files may be transferred to professional meetings if necessary. Electronic information will be stored on a password protected computer and backed up electronically with a GDPR compliant service. Emails will be stored in a password protected account in a GDPR compliant email account. Text/WhatsApp messages will be kept on my phone whilst you are receiving a service. Text messages will be used primarily to confirm appointments. Please do not send any sensitive information via text message. We may communicate with you by post, mobile phone or email. If we send reports electronically they will be password protected.

How long will information be kept for & what rights do I have?

By law we are required to keep records securely for a period of 7 years. Records will then be destroyed.


If you have any complaints about the way I am handling or storing your data please let me know and you may complain to the ICO (Information Commissioners Office).

Updating Policy

This policy may be updated as and when I become more aware of your rights and my obligations under GDPR 2018.

If you have any further questions or concerns please contact me at:

Marianna Murin
Tel: 079 4919 3714  

Booking appointment:

Please ensure you carefully review our terms and conditions prior to booking an appointment with us. When you book an appointment, we assume you accept our terms and conditions, unless discussed otherwise.