ADOS-2 Reliability Workshops

As stated in the manual, ADOS-2 users are required to attend ADOS-2 reliability workshops regularly to ensure their reliability rates are in the recommended range and their coding does not drift. Marianna and the team provide regular online ADOS-2 reliability workshops to support ADOS-2 users with calibrating their administration and coding in agreement with international thresholds.

Our one-day reliability workshops are suitable for professionals who are already trained in the ADOS-2 and who wish to:

  • improve or maintain reliability rates
  • expand skills with different modules and client groups
  • hone ADOS-2 administration and coding through a ‘refresher’ workshop
  • develop skills in assessing subtle and complex presentations

Our workshops cover two videos of the ADOS-2. The workshops are aimed at facilitating ADOS-2 practice with different client groups. We encourage delegates to bring their own videos, which makes the workshops more engaging, and enables delegates to receive additional benefits, such as a wealth of multidisciplinary input from a highly experienced group of clinicians and academics.

Our upcoming ADOS-2 reliability workshops

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