Welcome to Autism Spectrum Directions

Welcome to Autism Spectrum Directions, a social enterprise that provides highly specialist multi-disciplinary services for people on the Autism Spectrum and training and consultancy services for professionals, educators and community organisations specialising in this field. International collaboration is a key focus of our work. We have been delighted to host professionals and families from all over the world here in London.

We believe there are no borders to a strength-based approach to Autism Spectrum and to promoting neuro-diversity. We pledge to support this work around the world and welcome collaborations and opportunities to provide training and clinical services.

Our Aim

Our principle aim at the Autism Spectrum Directions is to support an authentic appreciation of neurodiversity and autism and true inclusion.

We dedicate our work to empowering people with Autism Spectrum Condition to become strong advocates of their unique strengths and needs, and also to inspiring professionals to create supportive and inclusive environments for everyone on the neuro-spectrum. We are very passionate about highlighting the strengths of children, young people and adults we work with.

When we come from a strength-based model rather than a deficit mode, this opens avenues for very different conversations and approaches to neurodiversity, and the services and supports provided, which also look very different, will be individually tailored to facilitate growth.


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About The Founder

Marianna Murin is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist and founder of Autism Spectrum Directions Ltd.

Together with colleagues collaborating with Autism Spectrum Directions, we provide evidence-based and innovative practice, aiming to provide excellence in our clinical care.

We have highly specialised skills and knowledge, gained over many years of clinical and research practice, which we impart through our training events delivered in both national and international forums.